Red Sun Ranch

In the mountains west of Albuquerque, New Mexico, we’re building a wellness community for spiritual seekers.

5-acres, with terraced gardens, tiny homes, and opportunity for community learning and exploring traditional indigenous ways

Here we plan to use the natural sheltering and resources of the mountain in design of tiny homes and a terraced permaculture food forest using traditional methods of the indigenous peoples.

Members of this community also have the opportunity to learn and grow in deeper ways through use of spiritual tools and practices that utilize ancient methods for healing and personal education for people of all ages.

Want to help? Join us as a participant or New Mexico maker space by applying here

Or financially support this mission by donating here or buying it’s sponsorship and angel NFTs in OpenSea

*photos shown are of the terrain in the region and our design ideas. They were not taken from the property, which is presently just raw land with trees.

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