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  • Away But Not Gone

    Away But Not Gone

    Things may have been quiet on the site recently, but that does not mean things have been slow or stalled for Saba members.  Exactly the opposite!  Evan, for example, contributed to building an earth-sheltered tiny home at Bardo Farm and then began an adventure as an “ant” in Wheaton Laboratories “ant village“.  This project isContinue… Read more

  • Spring Is On The Way!

    Spring Is On The Way!

    Another blog update has us at a new location and exploring yet another way of creating a holistic health center and permaculture community here in the Shire.  But, more about that in a minute… First, to update, it’s been a busy year for Saba Cooperative.  We spent most of the spring and early summer preparingContinue… Read more

  • Dome Sweet Dome

    Dome Sweet Dome

    Today’s post brings more exciting news from Saba Cooperative that almost seems serendipitous. To update, we have greatly enjoyed our stay in Hillsborough, interacting with good people, experiencing wonderful musical moments and enlightening discussions, however we have found another opportunity that just seems so right for Saba. Our friends with a property in Henniker, NHContinue… Read more

  • Great News!

    Great News!

    We are pleased to announce that the Saba community has found a new home in Hillsborough, NH! The land we have moved to has 140 acres of hills, valleys, forests and rocky cliffs with fruit trees and other perennial gardens, a stream, and even a swimming hole! There are opportunities for seasonal activities such asContinue… Read more

  • Winter, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Chicken Coops

    Winter, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Chicken Coops

    The days have been getting shorter and the nights colder, so here’s a picture we hope will warm your heart:  As hard as we try, and as hard as those rocks are, our wood-burning stove here just doesn’t rock as hard as a rocket mass heater would. That’s why the earth sheltered tiny home designContinue… Read more

  • Fall Is Here

    Fall Is Here

    The leaves are changing colors and we’re staying busy here at Saba. Members are looking forward to attending the upcoming local harvest fair: Grafton Apple Fest. We plan on combining our participation in the cooking contest with an on-site demonstration of the practicality of rocket stove technology: making hot food available to the hungry byContinue… Read more

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