About Us:

Saba Cooperative DAO is a Web3 501(c)3 non-profit specializing in incubating intentional communities, decentralizing gig work, and providing revolutionary spaces for creators to thrive in their craft. We are radically innovating modern culture with solar-punk philosophies and providing free education for the motivated individual to expand their mind and profit from their unique pursuit. Saba intends to create minimum viable solarpunk communities, incubate next-gen job opportunities, utilize web3 technologies to fund any idea, and stimulate ingenious community breakthroughs for all critical world problems threatening our future. Come hang out with us in our Discord community and collaborate with the community to innovate society and live alternatively for free. Our core values are based on fairness, decentralization, and stoking the fullest potential of humanity’s potential!

Check out our DAO member profiles below, explore our community shops and services, and even apply to join Saba!