About Saba Cooperative

Saba Cooperative is an itinerant, interfaith 501(c)3 non-profit DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), dedicated to making learning and practice of many natural building, growing, health, spiritual and living practices accessible to the general public by donation.

Saba’s mission is to incubate and network self-governing nomadic, homestead, and maker-space communities that agree to be “green” (ecologically sustainable) and “cool” (non aggressive).  Saba’s goals involve the promotion of healthy living, building, and growing, within our network of communities, and in the world as a whole.  Saba participants have the opportunity to learn and practice permaculture principles at Saba communities that promote the wellness of the earth and people.

Saba Cooperative also promotes teaching the integration of “spiritual” and “scientific” concepts and encourages exploration into the common patterns that exist within all world belief systems. Integration of these ideas allows for the exploration of many different possibilities with regard to the nature of the divine and also promotes individual freedom of belief and expression.

Saba’s ultimate social goal is to promote an environment of connection, free of aggressive practices of all kinds. We further recognize that many have experienced unhealthy, violent, or traumatic experiences in the past that affect the body, mind, and spirit. To assist with the restoration of wellness we encourage the use of complementary and alternative healthcare, mystical, and shamanic-type therapies. In order to make these services more widely accessible, Saba fundraises using blockchain technology, leveraging alternative currencies, and using many forms of trade, barter and gift economics.

What is a Sociocratic DAO?

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