Kavanaugh Off-Grid, Urban-Homestead for Thunderbuddies is a budding community situated in a small town on 0.25 acres of land. With a focus on sustainable living, they embrace off-grid practices powered by solar energy. They are currently relying on town water, but they also have a dug well and plans for rainwater collection. The community boasts a shared common area comprising a tiny house, bath house, outhouse, and tool storage shack. Edible plants, including fruit trees, herbs, and vegetable gardens, flourish on the property.

Their vision is to establish a healing retreat where individuals and small groups can engage in activities such as yoga, meditation, ayurveda, agnihotra, and inner child work. Future plans include constructing a guest house to accommodate visitors seeking a transformative experience. The community fosters a consensus-based decision-making process and upholds the principles of Ahimsa, emphasizing non-violence and respect for all living beings.

In addition to their current endeavors, Kavanaugh Off-Grid aspires to expand to a larger seven-acre space near the airport. This expansion would enable them to establish a makerspace within a nearby warehouse and leverage their affiliation with the local theater board to host events. Furthermore, the community plans to explore electroculture, a cutting-edge technique that utilizes electricity to enhance plant growth and improve soil fertility. With their dedication to sustainability and holistic well-being, Kavanaugh Off-Grid offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a harmonious and eco-conscious community lifestyle.

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