Shasta Stewart Winn

Shasta (@pathworking on TikTok) is a Saba Cooperative DAO member, solarpunk storyteller, content creator, and community incubator, who also supports individuals and communities as a group facilitator and counselor.  She is a credentialed therapist and educator, with a MA degree in Psychology and Counseling, who over the past 15 years has studied consciousness, world spiritual practices, and sustainable communities, and has been assisting individuals and groups with issues related to co-occurring addictions, trauma, and other issues, as well as dispute resolution and mediation. She is passionate about socially building and networking healthy communities, permaculture, and nomadic life, as well as mystical pursuits, sound therapy, meditation, music, and shamanic-type practices. REQUEST A CONSULT

Articles & Publications

Reconsidering the Nature of Consciousness (Masters Thesis 2012)

Natural, Eastern and Other Alternatives to Psychotropic Medicine (Article 2012)

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