Solarpunk & Permaculture Residency

During the residency, participants engage in a variety of activities designed to help them better understand and apply solarpunk principles. These activities include workshops on sustainable agriculture and food systems, green building and energy systems, upcycling and repurposing, and more. Participants also have the opportunity to work on group projects, such as designing and building a community garden, or creating an eco-friendly clothing line.

The residency is led by experienced solarpunk visionaries and experts in related fields. In addition to hands-on activities, groups participate in discussions, reflection exercises, and skill-building sessions. They also have the opportunity to engage with local community members and organizations working towards sustainable and just futures.

By the end of the residency, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of solarpunk principles and learned how to apply them in their own lives and communities. They will leave with a toolkit of practical skills and a network of like-minded individuals to support them in their solarpunk endeavors.



The Solarpunk Residency is a unique and immersive experience for individuals and groups interested in exploring solarpunk principles in a hands-on, collaborative environment. Over the course of 7-full days, participants come together to learn and experiment.  The Solarpunk Residency is a unique and powerful experience that empowers students to take action towards a more sustainable, just, and hopeful future.

The total cost of this Residency is $2,000 and includes lodging and meals.  The location of the Residency is to be determined based on the unique needs of each cohort.

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