Jungian Psychology & Spiritual Growth Residency

The Jungian Spiritual Growth Residency is a 7-day intensive in-person residency program designed for individuals who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual journey. This program incorporates various concepts and techniques from Jungian psychology to provide participants with a transformative experience.

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to explore their own unconscious through various techniques such as dream analysis, active imagination, and free association. These techniques will help individuals to identify patterns and beliefs that may be hindering their spiritual growth and to develop a deeper understanding of their own psyche.



In addition to these individual explorations, the program will also incorporate group discussions and exercises to encourage participants to connect with others and share their experiences. The group dynamic will provide a supportive environment for individuals to explore their own spirituality and to gain new perspectives and insights from others.

Throughout the residency, participants will also explore various archetypes and symbols to gain a deeper understanding of their own journey and to identify areas of growth and development. By working with these archetypes, participants will gain insight into their own psyche and be better equipped to navigate their spiritual journey.

The Residency offers a unique opportunity for individuals to deepen their spiritual understanding and connect with others on a similar path. Through individual and group explorations, participants will gain insight into their own psyche and develop the tools and techniques necessary to continue their spiritual growth beyond the program.

Total Cost for this Residency is $2,000 which includes lodging and meals (but not transportation)




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