40-Day Personalized Recovery Program

Often when we struggle with mental health and addiction we get stuck in ambivalence. Ambivalence is when we have intense feelings both for and against something. In this case, both strongly wanting, and not wanting to make changes. This is quite common and can be difficult to understand for both the struggling person and those who care about them. The goal of an effective recovery program is to assist with resolving ambivalence to help move through this contemplation and into the action stage of change.

This personalized 40-day intensive (web and phone-based) recovery program is designed and facilitated by psychotherapist, Shasta Winn, a credentialed addiction and trauma specialist. Each program is uniquely created to address the specific harm reduction and recovery needs of each participant. All programs include an initial assessment, daily check-ins, personal assignments, schedule planning and design, and weekly one-one-one counseling sessions with Shasta through phone or zoom.

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Daily Focus Topics:

Week I- Body Stewardship
1 What does (and doesn’t) my body need?
2 High Risk Behaviors
3 Harm Reduction
4 Healthy Eating
5 Healing Movement
6 Sleeping and Dreams
7 Miraculous Mending

Week II- Re-evaluation
1 Who am I? What do I want?
2 Roots of Addiction
3 Triune Mind
4 Values
5 Inner Child
6 Re-thinking
7 Vision of Me

Week III- Healing
1 Inner Griever
2 Mind Management
3 Triggers and Panic
4 Guilt and Shame
5 Exchanging Addictions
6 Forgiveness & Letting Go
7 Seeking Safety

Week IV- Inspiration
1 Opening & Receiving
2 What do I do?
3 Exploring Activities
4 How do I connect?
5 Social Support
6 What’s next?
7 Evaluation


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