2-Night Mountain Mystic Experience

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Are you seeking an awakening? Desiring something exciting, rejuvenating, and unlike anything you have explored before? Ready to try new and fascinating activities that excite your senses, unlock creativity, and promote deep physical and emotional healing?

An experienced mystical guide and professional holistic health counselor is now hosting weekend retreats in Mt. Hood valley. Join Shasta as she facilitates a mystical journey personalized to expand your mind and promote peak experiences of the body and soul.

This mystical journey retreat includes activities such as personal archetype exploration, meditative guided imagery/hypnosis, intuitive reading, somatic experiencing/energy work, 5 rhythms healing dance, creative arts therapies and/or shamanic medicine practices as appropriate. Each retreat is unique and designed to address the specific needs and desires of participants.

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1 review for 2-Night Mountain Mystic Experience

  1. Karlene

    Shasta has been my therapist and spiritual guide for years now. I have done several (over 3) medicinal journeys with her, and countless path-working sessions that included tarot, archetypes analysis, and talk therapy. Shasta is the real deal, and truly walks the path of one set out to help others evolve on many levels. He Passion and Mastery of healing the mind permeates her entire being. Shasta is a rare find in the mental health world, and bridges the mystical with the physical in a grounded way. I cannot express enough how much this woman has helped heal myself and those around me in such a graceful, enlightened, loving, and conscious way.

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