Priscilla Cuevas

Priscilla (@satoshissancha on TikTok) is a Saba Cooperative DAO member, artist, alchemist, and creator. She values truth, kindness, respect for nature, and has a deep appreciation for music and art. She is a survivor of various traumas and an extremely restrictive religious upbringing that has shaped her life philosophy of doing good to others but take no shit. She’s passionate about helping people and strives to help provide access free or low-cost basic needs. Her interest in cryptocurrency started in 2011 with Bitcoin and began her web3 journey in 2017 as an investor and crypto trader. But it wasn’t until 2022 that she truly found her purpose in web3: to help build sustainable communities where people can live peacefully without interference from centralized institutions. Priscilla believes strongly in the power of decentralization and transparency that blockchain technology can bring to society. She’s committed to using her time and resources to help create her vision for Saba Cooperative; to help people find their way back into nature and reconnect with family, friends and community by providing them with affordable homes as well as food security through permaculture farming initiatives. She understands that in order for us all to survive this planet we must first understand that we are part of it, not above it or separate from it. We are all connected through our own unique consciousness but share one common goal: survival!

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