Spanning across a generous acre of land, this community is driven by a shared vision of sustainable living and alternative lifestyles. At the heart of their endeavor lies a pursuit of financial independence and liberation from conventional monetary systems. Amidst this idyllic setting, there are structures such as an evolving greenhouse, water tanks, and plans for septic tank installation taking shape.

The community takes pride in their diverse array of animals, including thriving herds of sheep, poultry, and a bountiful supply of wool. Recognizing the value of textile creations, the community warmly welcomes individuals skilled in spinning, weaving, and other related crafts. By embracing these skills, they aspire to nurture their self-sufficiency and enrich their textile production, fostering a sustainable ecosystem that celebrates their available resources.

Guided by a belief in the interconnectedness of all beings and a commitment to a harmonious coexistence, decision-making within the community is driven by a loving and peaceful approach. While specific shared spiritual beliefs or practices are not explicitly outlined, community members are united in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding, continuously seeking to unravel the mysteries of their origins. The community comes together to share meals on a regular basis and occasional alcohol use is permitted. In their quest for a balanced and inclusive community, the members eagerly encourage the sharing of ideas and plans, fostering a collaborative spirit where perspectives are honored and decisions are made collectively.

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