Dragon Tree Farm

This community is located on a 94-acre property in northwestern Massachusetts. It currently has a 25′ diameter yurt and electricity, but no running water, a converted short bus, 2 outhouses, and a potting shed.

The community has a large vegetable garden, an old apple orchard, new fruit trees, hops, and herbs. The focus of the community is on self-sufficiency and inter-sufficiency with other farms and communities in the area, with a goal of providing for everyone’s essential needs, and creating a place that aligns with the values of its members. The community dreams of having a large building that can serve as a healing center and event space for various private practices, healing retreats, workshops, dances, talks, ceremonies, etc. Decision-making is based on consensus, with conflicts resolved through nonviolent communication (NVC).

While there are no shared spiritual beliefs or practices required, a sense of the sacredness of the land and deep respect for one another is essential. The community celebrates the 8 points of the year from the pagan tradition but participation is optional.

This community is open to collaboration and flexible in terms of its future development.

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