New York

Darkhei Rephua is a forming community located in Swan Lake, NY, committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and sustainable space for individuals to connect, learn, and grow together. Its core values center around nature and community as the foundation for sustainable connection and growth.

Darkhei Rephua’s property spans 3 acres of beautiful rural land, with a dug well for water and is connected to the grid for energy. Currently, it has a house as the only permanent structure on its land, with plans to build two more permanent structures within the next year. The community is currently growing herbs and vegetables and plans to expand to include a mushroom farm.

The community is omnivorous, and shared meals are sometimes offered. Tobacco use is allowed on the property, but alcohol is not used. Darkhei Rephua is a Jewish Psychedelic nonprofit, though its values do not require participants to be either.

Profits from the community goods and services will be allocated towards expanding the farm, sustaining Darkhei Rephua, and paying for labor. The community is open to sponsorship or investment opportunities. Darkhei Rephua is seeking experienced guidance and support and is happy to host collaborators in its beautiful rural farming section of the Catskills.

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