Dome Sweet Dome

Today’s post brings more exciting news from Saba Cooperative that almost seems serendipitous. To update, we have greatly enjoyed our stay in Hillsborough, interacting with good people, experiencing wonderful musical moments and enlightening discussions, however we have found another opportunity that just seems so right for Saba. Our friends with a property in Henniker, NHContinue reading “Dome Sweet Dome”

Winter, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Chicken Coops

The days have been getting shorter and the nights colder, so here’s a picture we hope will warm your heart:  As hard as we try, and as hard as those rocks are, our wood-burning stove here just doesn’t rock as hard as a rocket mass heater would. That’s why the earth sheltered tiny home designContinue reading “Winter, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Chicken Coops”

Long Overdue Update

It’s been quite a while since we last updated, and so much has happened. Besides attending two festivals back-to-back, moving to a new temporary location, and continuing our search for land, we’ve been implementing several permaculture projects in an attempt to reduce both our financial costs and our impact on the environment. Whether these projectsContinue reading “Long Overdue Update”

Festival Recap, New Member, and More

Bardo Farm Fest was awesome! We had some folks join us for Yoga Without Yoga Masters. Our medicinal teas, hippie squares, massage, and aromatherapy went over well. We’re planning to add chicken lettuce wraps and Rich Angell’s famous kefir and yoghurt to our menu next time around. Speaking of, the next festival we’re planning onContinue reading “Festival Recap, New Member, and More”

Permaculture Update and Visionaries Page Added

Saba’s Wholly Permaculture Bible has been updated. Now it’s no longer just a placeholder, as our first complete page has been added, and the beginnings of the species list is coming together. We’re hoping to make regular updates to the Permaculture Bible by adding at least 1-2 new pages a week for as long asContinue reading “Permaculture Update and Visionaries Page Added”

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