Campton Wilkins

Hey there! My name is Campton ( on TikTok) and I’ve joined the Saba Cooperative DAO to help innovate in all critical world areas threatening our future. From creating solutions in areas like Modern Education, web3 gig work, minimum viable lifestyles / housing, “Mr. Beast” viral content to business ideas, micro shark tanks / web3 incubators, and all similar, I hope to infuse my personal findings & breakthroughs from within conscious enhancement into the modern educational atmosphere to invoke humanity’s highest potential. I’ve blended THC, competitive video gaming / learning strategies, online community, neuro-spirituality, and meditation to enhance my consciousness in more regards than taught, boring a passion in me to help anyone that suffered in ‘old education’ as I did. I want to make it easier for individuals to find their tribe or believe in their idea, educate and motivate them quickly, and secure their value on the blockchain. With Saba’s smart contracts, GoFundMe + Twitter + Craigslist-esque approach, and inspiring content, we are setting the tone for the forward movement of society. Catch me in Saba Discord and our live shows, contests, events, and whatever else we create in hands with the community! See you there, thanks for all you do!” REQUEST A CONSULT

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