Away But Not Gone

Things may have been quiet on the site recently, but that does not mean things have been slow or stalled for Saba members.  Exactly the opposite!  Evan, for example, contributed to building an earth-sheltered tiny home at Bardo Farm and then began an adventure as an “ant” in Wheaton Laboratories “ant village“.  This project is … Read moreAway But Not Gone

Dome Sweet Dome

Today’s post brings more exciting news from Saba Cooperative that almost seems serendipitous. To update, we have greatly enjoyed our stay in Hillsborough, interacting with good people, experiencing wonderful musical moments and enlightening discussions, however we have found another opportunity that just seems so right for Saba. Our friends with a property in Henniker, NH … Read moreDome Sweet Dome

Permaculture Update and Visionaries Page Added

Saba’s Wholly Permaculture Bible has been updated. Now it’s no longer just a placeholder, as our first complete page has been added, and the beginnings of the species list is coming together. We’re hoping to make regular updates to the Permaculture Bible by adding at least 1-2 new pages a week for as long as … Read morePermaculture Update and Visionaries Page Added