Dome Sweet Dome


Today’s post brings more exciting news from Saba Cooperative that almost seems serendipitous.

To update, we have greatly enjoyed our stay in Hillsborough, interacting with good people, experiencing wonderful musical moments and enlightening discussions, however we have found another opportunity that just seems so right for Saba. Our friends with a property in Henniker, NH have decided they would like to help us with our dream to create a holistic health and permaculture intentional community and we can start right away!

May 11th Saba will be moving to 6.2 acres of forested hills and valleys in Henniker, NH. On the property there are three two-story structures. Two are of a unique geodesic dome construction. Strangely enough, this is the same place we were living a little over a year ago when we first founded Saba. Life is crazy like that I suppose. We will be starting many different projects right away, so please comment or contact us to get involved. Saba Sunday Share will continue every week so please, feel free to join us. Bring your skills, bring your passions, and bring your hopes and dreams for a beautiful tomorrow.

In addition to improving the general aesthetics, we’ll soon be ready to start the supportive housing component with Another Way TLP. The Transitional Living Program (TLP) will offer affordable supportive housing, healthy board, holistic healthcare, clinical and adventure-based therapies to individuals looking to transition to a healthier way of living. Monthly bed stays will range from $300-$500/month for the loft and double occupancy rooms to $800/mo for a single room. Some other more “rustic” accomodations could be discussed as well. The meal package can be added for an additional fee as can other therapeutic and holistic health packages and services. We are looking forward to letting the healing begin as soon as possible. The goal is to prepare the property for move-in for new residents by July 1st, but those looking to participate in the projects are welcome to come sooner. Please visit the website for more details.

It’s amazing the way life comes full circle sometimes. It’s very exciting to think of all the potential that the property and structures have. We look forward to sharing our beautiful space with friends old and new. Come join us for an OM in the dome. See you at Saba!

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