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RiverflowersWe are pleased to announce that the Saba community has found a new home in Hillsborough, NH! The land we have moved to has 140 acres of hills, valleys, forests and rocky cliffs with fruit trees and other perennial gardens, a stream, and Trees-Yardeven a swimming hole!Table There are opportunities for seasonal activities such as nature walks, hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and swimming and beautiful spots for meditation and outdoor gatherings in the Spring, Summer, DSC01191DSC01196and Fall. The winter brings the cold weather, but also opportunities for activities such as snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating. We are very excited to begin working on renovations and planning for upcoming projects.

DSC01234The structures include a gorgeous 3-bedroom post and-beam DSC01220home with cherry, wide oak, and wide pine floors throughout. The wood is from the land and beams from barns in the area. There are unique wide pine ceilings with wains coating. The modern bathrooms have granite tiles and jacuzzi tubs. The house includes open living and gathering spaces, an additional hot tub room and a fitness area. Other structures on the land include 3 houses, each with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a quaint 1 bedroom, 1 bathDSC01216 apartment. The structures are all DSC01228occupied at this time, however, we will now have many opportunities for gatherings, workshops, and other skill shares in a new location as well as some overnight accommodations as needed.

Beginning the 1st Sunday in February we will begin hosting, Saba Sunday Share, a weekly discussion and skills share at the new holistic health retreat. We will be sending invites to those we know who are interested, so please email with contact information and details regarding your pursuits to become involved.

The holistic health retreat will be the newest project some Saba members will be participating in on the 140 acres. The retreat will provide quality clinical care, supportive housing services, and healthy board to individuals looking to transition to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The retreat will provide comprehensive therapeutic, natural health, and other services to people struggling with any number of social, emotional, or general health issues. Services to be provided will include case management, individual and group psychotherapy, energy, sound, art, water and adventure therapies, nutritional health consultations, access to a fitness center and training as well as other education experiences for natural ways of planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and construction in this bio-region. These services will be provided to residents in the transitional living program for a fee.

The retreat is not yet named as we have yet to find a name that is ‘right’. We are currently interested in the feedback of others with regard to ideas for the name. It seems that the name of a place like this is very important wherefore we can’t just settle for anything. Please email or comment below with any ideas.

We are very excited for this new opportunity and we are looking forward to the Spring and starting all the permaculture projects planned for the land! We hope to hear from you regarding any ways you would like to participate.


3 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. congratulations on finding a place! it sounds fantastic.
    i’d like to get my hands dirty with some gardening if you need help in spring.

    1. Thanks Tim! We would definitely appreciate your help come spring. You should come up for sunday gathering too, whenever you are available. We look forward to seeing you.

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