Fall Is Here

The leaves are changing colors and we’re staying busy here at Saba. Members are looking forward to attending the upcoming local harvest fair: Grafton Apple Fest. We plan on combining our participation in the cooking contest with an on-site demonstration of the practicality of rocket stove technology: making hot food available to the hungry by donation and teaching others how to build their own low-cost portable outdoor cook stoves. Here’s the flyer for the event:

The Fifth Annual Grafton Apple Festival

Sunday September 30 @ the Peaceful Assembly Church

860 Main St., Grafton, New Hampshire across from the Grafton Common

Noon to 5pm (right after regular services)

Bring your own apples and make cider with our antique apple press! (Please bring jugs or 2L bottles, too!)

Apple bake-off competition! Live local music!

Leaf-peepers, see the beautiful Grafton foliage!

This year, a special celebration of the life of Lloyd Danforth (1947-2012), the founder of the Apple Festival

Our search for land and the right financing opportunity continues. We plan to begin a 60-day fundraising campaign once we decide on the exact piece of real estate we hope to purchase, so you can expect to hear more about how you can contribute and get involved with Saba in the future.

Finally, Shasta has begun the initial stages of forming her private practice. This venture will allow for some much needed services to be provided even before we are able to make the full vision of Saba a reality. Check out her latest article, Reconsidering the Nature of Addiction Problems, and the rest of her website: CoExistCounseling.com

Happy Fall and hope to see you at Grafton Apple Fest!

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