Festival Recap, New Member, and More

Bardo Farm Fest was awesome! We had some folks join us for Yoga Without Yoga Masters. Our medicinal teas, hippie squares, massage, and aromatherapy went over well. We’re planning to add chicken lettuce wraps and Rich Angell’s famous kefir and yoghurt to our menu next time around. Speaking of, the next festival we’re planning on attending, Porcupine Freedom Festival, in Lancaster, NH, is going on June 18-24. That’s right around the corner!

Saba Cooperative welcomes the Visionary Rich Angell as our newest member! Rich has been very helpful and a wonderful friend since the beginning and it was about time we made it official.

An article from another of our visionaries, Evan, has been posted: Examining Dependence on Harmful Systems and Exploring Alternatives.

Updates to the Permaculture Bible are turning out to be less regular than we’d initially hoped, but Coltsfoot, a dandelion look-alike and traditional cough medicine, has been added. And a page on compost microorganisms is in the works. We’re slowly but surely documenting biological diversity here at Saba.

Also, you might have noticed, up in the address bar, that it now says sabacooperative.org, instead of sabacooperative.wordpress.com. Pretty spiffy, huh? The older one will still work and will redirect to the new one, but feel free to share this shorter new address with all your friends.

The search for land continues, and we’re considering starting on a smaller scale than originally envisioned. One of the principles of permaculture is small and slow solutions, and we aim to demonstrate permaculture’s applicability on many different levels.

Finally, the events calendar for June has been posted. Hope to see you at Saba!

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