Springtime at Saba

It’s springtime at Saba; the leaves are budding on the trees, the dandelions are in bloom, and we’ve been busily working towards our vision of tomorrow.

We’re very close to making an offer on a southern-facing hillside, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. We sent in an updated Earth Island sponsorship proposal with a focus on the educational value we will be providing the community, including a list of workshops we hope to make available over the rest of this year. Check out our new Workshops page and see if we’re doing anything you want to come participate in, whether to learn or help teach.

We published another of Shasta‘s articles: Natural, Eastern, and Other Alternatives to Psychotropic Medication, and we’ve been slowly but steadily making updates to our Wholly Permaculture Bible.

The events calendar for May has been posted, so feel free to check it out and let us know if and when you’d like to come visit for any of our weekday or Saturday activities. Finally, don’t forget, Bardo Farm Festival is going on the last weekend of the month, and Saba will be there: making goods and services available, teaching an acroyoga/partner yoga workshop, and enjoying the live music, beautiful atmosphere, and wonderful company.

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