Earth Island and Saba Center

As we finish our preparations for the Earth Island Institute sponsorship interview tomorrow, one thing we have been working hard on is the 3D model of Saba Center.

Below are some early 3D sketches. We’re interested in your feedback. What you see is a work in progress. We are new to using Google Sketchup and hope to gain skills in the process that will be valuable for future design needs.

Material Info
-Rubble trench/Rubble-bag foundation
-Post and beam structure with straw bale insulation and adobe/cob/geopolymer finish
-South-facing windows- Rubble trench and earth foundation for greenhouse
-Uninsulated root cellar earth-sheltered on the North side
-All plumbing on the East facing side
-Rocket mass heater on the West side (not shown)







4 thoughts on “Earth Island and Saba Center

  1. The central circle, on which the rest of the sacred geometry is based, has a radius of 10′ 6″

    So, through the middle of the north-south axis (from the front of the greenhouse to the back of the root cellar,) is almost 60 ft. Through the middle of the east-west axis is closer to 40 ft. And from the bottom of the foundation to the roof peak is about 40 ft. Of course, taking into account all the circles, curves, and angles, and having rather thick walls, the cubic footage is much smaller than 60x40x40.

    Not tiny, as far as houses go, but comfortably sized for a community building with built-in greenhouse and root-cellar.

    1. Thanks Julia!

      A phalanstère was designed to house upwards of a thousand people, while our ambitions are much smaller in scale. However, it’s an interesting and inspiring historical example from which we could perhaps learn.

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